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We promote healthy lifestyle and Christian values in all projects that we undertake. We are not afraid to regress for success. That being, capitalism and profit will not be at the forefront of our goals. We promote teamwork, helping each other move forward together, eating healthy, working hard, learning, spending time to appreciate God and his works and improving ourselves consistently.
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We invest in projects that are beneficial only to humans. Whether it be mentally, physically, educationally, financially or religiously. We do not believe in taking advantage of others to move forward. We also do not believe that it is okay to endanger our environment for profit. Our children will be living in tomorrow's world, so we want them to ahve something to look forward to.
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What is crowdfunding?

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large group of investors to finance a new business venture. Usually the reward is a sample of the product that is being financed. 

  • Charity
  • Encouragement/Donation
What is microlending?

What is microlending?

With us, microlending is lending to us a small amount of money, that we will use towards a project, then getting paid back in full plus interest. You will be helping us bring our projects to life, but at the same time, we will be helping you to increase your money. This model is adapted to help people with low-income. 

  • Very low minimum investment
  • Guaranteed Interest
  • Fixed repayment schedule
What is a stockholder?

What is a stockholder?

A stockholder in our company is anyone who has bought stocks from us. The eligibility criteria is high as we do issue dividends. For one, you must be either an employee, partner, supplier, investor, or someone directly related with one or more of our projects. To maintain full control of our vision and direction, only a limited amount of stocks will be available for purchase at specific times.

  • Earn Dividends Quarterly
  • Perks and Opportunities
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