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Educational Gamers Roblox Group Mini-Games

Short Story

Educational Gamer’s Group is all about healthy learning and playing. We can’t stop the buzz about Roblox games and just can’t get our kids off this platform; so we have decided to join in with them. Our goal is to add lots of options for educational games on Roblox to engage kids into an interactive learning where they feel comfortable, can focus, stay motivated, ignite their curiosity to learn more, and practice good values.

Educational Gamers Roblox Group Mini-Games

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Why Invest In This Cause

  • Help make a difference for kids who are no longer able to adjust to a normal classroom setting
  • Help kids with ADHD and learning disabilities grow their knowledge and confidence
  • You can play with your kids in these games as well

This project is a long time wish of mine, that I have been drafting for years, but did not have the professional competences to bring it to life. However with the Roblox platform(though not the original way that I had planned), it finally has a way to come to fruition. Furthermore, my son already enjoys playing Roblox. I will just have to slowly direct him out of those violent and scary games into the good ones. Also, to build his confidence and enjoyment for learning so that he can eventually make the right choice in games.

I believe that giving a child a book, or educational game to play is more effective than telling them “don’t do this” or “don’t do that”. It is even better if you can join them. Please consider investing in this project as it will be helpful to many families, like mine.

ALL investors will be thanked in the “project founders” section for this project once the project is completed.


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June, 2025
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